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An important part of Open Your Eyes Media's responsible and sustainable business model is community.

From inception, our company has pledged to donate at least one per cent of its revenues to communities, charities, and non-profit organizations. To date, Open Your Eyes Media has exceeded that one per cent, contributing more than five thousand dollars. Open Your Eyes Media has donated to, and worked with, non-profit organizations like Alberta Ballet and Kidsport.

We also offer discounts for any charity or non-profit interested in getting its message out.

Open Your Eyes Media also wants to connect you to our community. Click on the links to find out more about our partners and how their projects are making a difference. Also, stay tuned to our Community page for information about upcoming events and initiatives. We don't just want to show our community, we want to get people involved in our community

Support our community
Reap Respect for the Earth and All People
(REAP Calgary)
Kidsport KidSport Canada!
Alberta Ballet Alberta Ballet - Northern Tights Tour
Torode Torode Group of Companies
Planetair Planetair - Reducing Your Emissions
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